Inserting images into questions

Ensure images are accessible. Resources suggested by the McMaster Accessibility Hub:

To insert an image from an internal source:

  1. Navigate to Edit question.
  2. In the Question field, click on Image icon. 

insert image in question.jpg

  1. In the Image Properties box, click on Browse Server.

image prop browse server.jpg

If you've already uploaded your file to this survey, it should be listed. Proceed to step 7.

If you have not uploaded your file to this survey:

  1. In the File Resource dialog box, click on Upload. 
NOTE: Only images will be displayed.

image upload kcfinder.jpg

  1. In the File Upload box, navigate to the file location, select the file
  2. Click Open.
  3. The file should now be listed in the KCFinder box. Double click on the file.

image kcfinder.jpg

  1. The file is now listed.
  2. Enter text in the Alternative Text field. For assistance, see Writing alternative text for images
  3. Click OK to insert the image into the Question field.

image properties ok.jpg

  1. The image is now listed in the Question field.

image insertted in question.jpg

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