Collaborate on a survey

There are two ways to collaborate on a survey in LimeSurvey.

  1. When you would like the survey to be reviewed
  2. When you're building the survey with others.

Option 1: For others to review

If you would like the survey to be reviewed:

  1. Activate the survey
  2. Send the reviewer(s) the survey link

Option 1: If you would like the survey to be reviewed, activate the survey and send the reviewer(s) the survey link:

Option 2: For building a survey with others

  • You can only see other users if you are in the same user group.
  • If you are developing a survey with external collaborators (i.e., collaborators without a macID), the external collaborators must first request a LimeSurvey account using this form, before you request the creation of a LimeSurvey User Group.
  • If you are developing a survey with internal collaborators (i.e., collaborators that have a macID), please request a LimeSurvey User Group
  • After you've received notification that a User Group has been created, you can grant survey permissions to individuals within that user group, or grant survey permissions to the user group such that everyone in the group has the same permissions. Please see the Grant survey permissions to a user group from the LimeSurvey manual for information.
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