Survey Software Options

There are several survey options for McMaster staff, students & faculty. The best option depends on needs & use:

NOTE: There are many instances of LimeSurvey running at McMaster University. This table only reflects compatibility and compliance from the VPR-supported LimeSurvey instance which is run through RHPCS. It does not reflect the compatibility and compliance of other McMaster-run LimeSurvey instances (e.g. CSU, Engineering, Library).

VPR-supported LimeSurveyMicrosoft Froms (McMaster-supported)RedCap
Best used forSurveys that have complex conditions.Simplified forms or surveys that don't require complex conditions or formatting.Longitudinal research that requires following the same participants over a period of time.
Not ideal for

Longitudinal surveys (try RedCap)

Personal health information (i.e., information that a health care professional would collect to identify an individual and determine appropriate care, such as a health identification number, medical history, test and laboratory results, health insurance information etc.).

Faculty or student recruitment e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation

Contact UTS to discussContact CSU
Who has accessMcMaster staff, students & faculty, and community members who are doing research with McMaster-affiliated people.McMaster staff, students & facultyMcMaster staff, students & faculty

No cost for an account or requests for accounts or group collaboration

Customized requests may be done on a fee-for-service basis to do work for groups who do not have an RHPCS support contract or who need work beyond the scope of their support contract.

These jobs can only be undertaken when RHPCS staff are not fully occupied with regular support work, and are billed at a standard hourly rate.

Standard Hourly Rate: $125 / hour

No costContact CSU
MREB & HiREB approved templatesYesNot at this timeContact CSU

Yes. Some resources:

Contact CSU
Branching / Conditions
  • Conditions
  • Expression Script / Expression Manager
LimitedContact CSU
Data stored on Canadian serversYes

Information on Security & Privacy in MS Forms. Contact UTS for more information.

Encryption of dataYesInformation on Security & Privacy in MS Forms. Contact UTS for more information.Contact CSU
Supported platformsAny platform with a web browser.

Any platform with a web browser.

Contact CSU
Available for desktop & mobileYesYesContact CSU
Question Types

Question types


  • Array
  • Array (5 point choice)
  • Array (10 point choice)
  • Array (Yes/No/Uncertain)
  • Array (Increase/Same/Decrease)
  • Array by column
  • Array dual scale
  • Array (Numbers)
  • Array (Texts)

Mask questions

  • Date
  • File upload
  • Gender
  • Language switch
  • Numerical input
  • Multiple numerical input
  • Ranking
  • Text display
  • Yes/No
  • Equation

Multiple choice questions

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple choice with comments

Single choice questions

  • List – 5 point choice
  • List (Dropdown)
  • List (Radio)
  • List with comment

Text questions

  • Short free text
  • Long free text
  • Huge free text
  • Multiple short text

See how to plan a survey and scroll down to "Types of survey questions and answers"

  • Choice (checkbox / radio), “other” option
  • Text (Short / Long text, Numbers with optional restrictions)
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Ranking
  • Likert
  • File Upload
  • Net Promoter Score
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Number of responses


Form, question and responses limits

Up to 50,000 per form

Contact CSU
Multilingual surveysYes:


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Survey collaboration

Yes via survey groups

At this time, there are no restrictions based on institution / organization affiliation.

Limited options:

Anyone with an Office 365 work or school account, inside or outside of your organization can view and edit

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How to access

Instructions for logging in.

Login with your MacID & password to the McMaster Office Portal.

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