Inserting code into a question

NOTE:Only Administrators of the Central LimeSurvey instance can insert code. This is imposed by a global security setting which means that access to add code can not be given to individual users.


  1. Get your survey as close to finalized as possible. The reason is once we embed the code, any changes to the question will strip out the embedded code. This is a security protection feature of LimeSurvey. We understand that changes might need to be made afterward but we’d like to minimize the number of times we have to re-embed the code.
  2. Send us a request with the following information:
    1. The survey name & number
    2. The code(s) to add or embed
    3. The question codes of where the code(s) is to be added or embedded.

Embed an external website

The code would be this:

<iframe src="" title="Whatever You Want the Linked Text to Say"></iframe>

For example, if you want to embed the Research & Innovation website into your question, you would send us this:

<iframe src="" title="McMaster University's Research & Innovation website"></iframe>

Please see this W3Schools webpage for additional information on html <iframe> tag. 

Embed a video from an external source

How to get the code:

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