Steps for testing a survey

There are several different ways to test a survey. The following are suggestions.

1. Activate the survey.

We recommend activating over previewing as some features (e.g. quotas used for consent) do not work when previewing a survey. As well, the data you enter is saved so you can test if the responses and data are useful for analysis.

2. Run through the survey

As you run into issues you'd like to fix, you can either :

  1. Change them while the survey is active. When a survey is active:
    • you can change the text for questions, answers, the survey etc, but not the type of question or the type of answer.
    • you cannot add new questions or delete questions. Nor can you add answers to any of the array or multiple choice questions - however you can add answers to the basic list type questions.
  2. Deactivate the survey - this will allow you to add new questions and groups and modify survey parameters. However, it will move the responses to a backup table and lose participation information.

3. Review responses and statistics

Review responses and statistics to ensure the data is useful for analysis.

4. Delete test responses

Once you are finished testing and ready to send out the survey to collect data, ensure you delete your test data by doing one of the following:

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