Printing Guidelines

The networked printers are shared by many users and represent a considerable cost to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The charges for excessive printing defray but do not completely cover the costs. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics respectfully asks all users to follow these guidelines in order to keep costs down and to avoid inconveniencing colleagues who are sharing the printers:

  1. Avoid printing multiple copies of a document, especially if it is more than a couple of pages long. It is a better use of resources to print one copy and have duplicates made on a photocopier or at a print shop.
  2. Avoid printing very long documents unless you are really sure you are going to read the whole thing; most applications allow one to print a selected range of pages.
  3. Avoid printing material that is easily read on-line.
  4. Be an informed user. Know that the lpr command can only handle text and PostScript files. A filename extension like .exe, .doc, .wpd, .pdf, .dvi usually indicates a file that can only be printed from within an a specific application. Attempting to print with lpr will waste a lot of paper and hold up other users' jobs.
  5. Learn how to stop a mistaken print job; see the Cancel a print job via command line.
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