Printing and Scanning

The following printers are available to researchers and graduate students in the department via most of the servers and linux workstations:

  • The HH-303 HPLJ M630 is the primary departmental printer: it is a high-speed, two-sided printer and scanner and is the only printer in a public area (i.e. not behind a door that is sometimes locked). The HH-403 printer is accessible from all systems but are primarly for use by the AIMS lab members.
  • HH-214 LaserJet 400 M401dne
  • HH-403 LaserJet P3015

Systems administered by RHPCS (e.g. bluespruce, mathserv, the msprime systems, and many office unix and OS X workstations) should already have queues for all of the printers listed above.

Note that unix systems have duplicate names for each queue: short names are for the convinience of command-line use; the longer, more descriptive names are intended for use in graphical applications.