Adding a Print Queue in macOS

The instructions below describe how to add a print queue in macOS.

For example, to add the HH-303 HPLJ M630 network printer, go to Printers & Scanners, click +, click Advanced , choose Windows from the Type: menu and device URL smb:// You might also be able to browse for the printer from the Windows option, depending on how you connect to the network.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Select "Printers & Scanners" in System Preferences.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. Click"Advanced"; if you don't see Advanced, try enlarging the dialogue box or, if you still don't see it, right-clicking the menu bar and choosing "Customize Toolbar ..." so that you can add the Advanced button. Note that the system may pause for a minute before allowing you to select Type.
  4. Select "Windows" (specifically "Windows printer via spoolss") from the "Type" menu.
  5. Enter a Device URL as shown in this example:
    NOTE: On macOS 12.2, you will need to append "?encryption=no" to the end of the URL. So, the URL above would look like: smb://
  6. Enter a descriptive device name.
  7. Choose the printer manufacturer and model by selecting "Select a driver to use..." from the "Print Using" menu.
    You may need to first download and install driver from here.
  8. Click the "Add" button.
  9. After you are returned to the Print & Fax applet, click "Printer Setup", choose "Installable Options" and select the options specified for that queue on the Computing Resources Printers page; the most important options for all of the HP printers is "Duplexer Unit: Installed".

Either during setup or when you first print, you will be asked for your ms username in the MATH\username format, and your ms password (unless you have recently accessed a network folder on the server).

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