How to run software remotely

You can run software remotely via one of several ways:

Command line

You can run software on remote servers by establishing an SSH connection and then running the program in command-line (text) mode.

SSH with X11 forwarding

If your remote server has allowed X11 forwarding, you can run software on remote servers by establishing an SSH connection and then starting the program. The program will open graphically on your current machine, but the processing and the file system all use the remote server's resources.

To start an SSH session with X11 forwarding, use the -X (upper case) flag with the usual SSH command:

ssh -X user@remoteserver

Run a graphical remote desktop session

You can also connect to a remote desktop session hosted by your remote server, if that's been set up. Please see Accessing Remote Machines for native remote desktop protocols for your system.

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