Connecting to VPR shares

Your user account on vprserv should already be configured for access to the proper network shares. As such, you should avoid trying to connect to network shares using some common account (such as the now-disabled resfinar). 

The VPR shares have a UNC path that looks like:

  • \\\sharename
  • If you do not know the sharename to which you're trying to connect, please ask your supervisor.

You should use the following convention when entering your credentials:

  • username:   vprserv\username  (this may bear resemblance to your macID but is NOT your macID)
  • password:   your-vprserv-password

Your username may be identical to your macID, but the only password that works will be the one for vprserv and NOT your macID. To avoid confusion and security issues, it is therefore not recommended to use the same password that you use for your macID.

All other steps are the same as described on Mapping a network drive.

If you have further questions, please contact RHPCS.

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