Forwarding email from mbx

You can manage your RHPCS-managed inbox's forwarding rules using either

  1. Web interface
  2. Command line

Web interface (aka Roundcube)

You can log into the web interface for your RHPCS-managed inbox at

After you log in with your mbx username and password, click the Settings option near the top-right.
image of roundcube settings button

Next, you'll want to enter the settings for Filters. 
image of filters setting

If you have never used these settings, you'll need to make a Filter Set, and then create individual filters for that particular filter set. You can think of a filter here as an email rule.

Command line

IMPORTANT: If you're reading this section, then you should already know the basics of command line file operations and navigation, as well as how to ssh to a remote server. If these things are unfamiliar to you, it is recommended to use the web interface instead.

First, make an ssh connection to  If you're connecting from off-campus, you'll need to be on the McMaster VPN, or connect via an on-campus machine to serve as a jump host.

For non procmail users:

To forward everything, simply put your forwarding address in  ~/.forward  on mbx.

If you would like to forward everything and also keep a copy on mbx, put a line like this in ~/.forward

\your_mbx_username, your_forwarding_address

for example, my username on mbx is testuser and I want to forward a copy of my mail to gmail, the line to put in .forward is like


For procmail users:

Make sure you are using RHPCS mail cleaner, and then append the following to the end of your .procmailrc file:

! your_forwarding_address

If you also wish to keep a copy on mbx, the line would look like this:

! your_forwarding_address
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