Change password on server

There are two ways to change your password on the server:

Via web interface

You can change your password on RHPCS-managed servers by heading over to

Log in using your current server password and then click on Change your password, found under the Account Functions section.

change password screenshot

For example, if you wish to change your pnbserv password, head over to

Via command line

Log into the target server using your current password, and then invoke the passwd utility.

ssh username@servername


Your password should easy for you to remember but hard for machines to guess and crack:

  1. use at least twelve characters (this rule is enforced by the passwd program)
  2. use a phrase of two or more words
  3. add non-English or nonsense words
  4. don't use your name or any large part of your name in your password

We periodically run password-cracking programs ourselves in order to probe for weak passwords and will notify you if your password is too easily guessed.

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